Bosland Gray Associates is a boutique generalist executive search firm led by Richard Bosland and Andrew Gray, seasoned recruitment professionals with collectively over 50 years experience in staffing at the senior level. The firm’s Principals are dedicated to providing clients with the most comprehensive, proactive and timely executive search services available. Each and every recruitment project commands the direct and personal attention of one of the firm’s Principals, who are committed to creating the ideal match between client and candidate.

The firm’s philosophy is to develop relations with only a few select companies across various industries. In doing so, we can become keenly aware of each company’s unique operations, organizational structure, business objectives and culture. This approach allows Bosland Gray Associates to represent its clients most effectively in today’s competitive employment marketplace.

The firm has a strong belief in the value of proactive research. With each search, the firm breaks down its client’s competitors to identify and attract difficult to find candidates. The firm shares its comprehensive research with its clients so that the clients can understand the full nature of the potential candidate universe and important industry and compensation trends.

The firm prides itself on filling difficult and highly technical search requirements where candidates must meet very specific recruiting criteria. In addition, by staying small and focusing on a few select companies in each industry, Bosland Gray Associates provides our clients with access to the broadest candidate slate possible reducing the issue of client off limits/blockage associated with larger national firms or firms that narrowly specialize in a specific industry or functional area.

Finally, the firm historically bases its fees on the scope and difficulty of each assignment, establishing a fixed fee at the beginning of each project that does not change regardless of the ultimate final compensation package of the selected candidate. This policy allows Bosland Gray Associates total objectively in working with the client to establish candidate compensation offers.